A festive gala evening during which competitors in the field of motorsport are awarded and legends are introduced to the Czech Motocross Hall of Fame. That's not all Moto Gala Night is about! 

In the Czech Republic, we lacked a concept that would unite not only the motocross community, but the motorsport community in general. That's why we decided to respond to the suggestions of riders, teams, organizers, fans and everyone who are interested in motorsport and created MOTO GALA NIGHT.

This idea was born on October 12th 2023 in the live broadcast of Josef Gažúr - Scrub&Talk. What initially seemed like a meeting of old friends somewhere in a restaurant, eventually turned into the largest social event in the Czech Republic. It is a themed gala evening, during which we are awarding the competitors for the past season and introducing legends into the Czech motocross hall of fame.

As a true founder, Pepa has big plans for this project. He is a former motocross rider and MXGP commentator on the Eurosport 2 TV station. He has been trying for a long time to raise the visibility of motocross in the Czech Republic, educate and raise its level.