Czech Hall of Fame

The Czech Motocross Hall of Fame was established on January 7th 2023 together with the 1st year of MOTO GALA NIGHT.

Every major sport, beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, has its own hall of fame. We perceive that riders and motocross in general are unappreciated in our country. That´s why we decided to pay tribute to current and former czech motocross riders (whether they´re still between us or not) and appreciate them for their achievements  every year at the

1st year, 2022 - René Hofer

Sad news hit the motocross world on Saturday, December 4th, 2021. One month before his twentieth birthday, Austrian motocross rider Rene Hofer lost his life in the Alps. During ski mountaineering, he became one of the victims of a half-kilometer avalanche. Rene Hofer was among the world's top motocross racers.

"René Hofer was an eternal laugher and one of the most talented motocross riders in the world, who grew up on Czech motocross tracks and was very popular among Czech fans, I liked him very much too. That's why I decided to induct him into the Hall of Fame, as the first one," explained the founder of MOTO GALA NIGHT, Josef Gažúr.