Tickets are available for sale on the and!


1st wave 12.6.-25.6.

hidden sale, priority purchase, a few reserved tables for purchase 

2nd wave 26.6.-9.7.
Motocross (MMCR)

team management, riders and their relatives, mechanics, or other interested persons
hidden sale, priority purchase 

3rd wave 10.7. - 23.7.
1st year Moto Gala Night visitors

hidden sale, priority purchase 

4th wave from 24.7.



Banquet table sitting. There are 12 seats at one table.
Ticket price also includes refreshments (raut).
Entry from 14 years!

650 CZK


Standing at the bar table on the balcony around upper bar. 
Possibility to sit around the upper bar.
The ticket price also includes refreshments (raut). 
Entry from 14 years!

500 CZK

Live stream 

Live broadcast from the gala evening.

Official program from the comfort of your home.
The afterparty is not part of the stream. 

How it will look like?
-from 6PM static shot of the entrance hall (arrival of guests)
-at 7:15PM we will do for you a tour
- from 7:30PM static shot of the main areas/stage
- the opening ceremony from close , approx. 7:45PM
- static shot of the official program (shot on the podium) until approx. 11:30PM

200 CZK